Robert Cross
Classical Guitars

Robert Cross Spruce against tree


David Russell 1996 - Congratulations on your lovely guitars. They have a warm sound, smooth and silky.

David Russell 2001 - Loved these guitars. Number 75 is extra good and can stand with any guitar in the world.

Paul Gregory - Congratulations on these wonderful musical instruments.

Hucky Eichelmann - Loved these guitars. It would be difficult for me to choose between the Cedar and the Spruce. Every individual single note seems to be a gem.

Richard Harvey - I am indeed lucky to own such a fine instrument.

Gerald Garcia - Loved these guitars. Good luck to you and them.

Jonathan Richards - I've just tried two guitars (one Cedar, one Spruce) of Roberts. Both delightful, good even response, lots of life. Recommended!

John Williams

John Williams with a Robert Cross guitar in discussion with the maker