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ten string guitar

Ten String Guitar

Photos show a ten string concert guitar I was commissioned to build recently.

The Instrument is based on the 1963 model developed by Narciso Yepes and built for him by the Ramirez company.

This is not a slavish copy and exhibits several of my own design features.

Yepes's Idea was to add 4 additional drone bass strings tuned to 7th c. 8th b-flat 9th a-flat and 10th g-flat respectively with the intention of giving sympathetic resonance in the wound strings to all 12 semitones in the equal tempered scale . As on the traditional 6 string guitar support is only given to 4 of the semitones.

The guitar is constructed from Indian rosewood - back & sides ( aged 30 years) and a european spruce soundboard ( also matured 30 years) The neck is mahogany and fingerboard ebony. The padauk bridge features 10 individual brass pin saddles.


Headstock detail 10 string guitar.